My name is Sandhya Divakaran. I have been working as a journalist since 2006 and some of my job responsibilities included bringing out a monthly financial services magazine, an SME magazine and content writing for websites and marketing collateral. In my previous organisation, I was the deputy editor for a financial services magazine. In each edition of the magazine, I managed a team of expert writers, wrote articles myself, did the editing and proofreading. My work experience in B2B journalism spans 13 years in Dubai, where the corporate language is English. I have significant experience in communications with stakeholders, regulators, media, PR agencies and so on.

I have completed a post-graduate diploma in New Media Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism and have hands-on experience in writing, editing and proof reading, working with content management systems, and maintaining the core characteristics of a publication or website. I have also worked previously in an international portal producing and managing content on the home page, and various channels. I began my career in a newspaper organisation where I have worked as a sub-editor and reporter for the main newspaper and supplements.